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More than 1300 Intriging Facts and Detail, Often Suprising, About the Country and Its People.




What the Guidebooks Don't Tell You



Over 900 unusual, astonishing, useful and curious facts and details about people, customs and events in England – information never found in guidebooks.
How much does the Queen make? Why do the English drive on the left? What’s a fen, what’s a fell, what’s a wold and what’s a weald? How do you tell a real Tudor house from a fake one? What makes English beer different? 40+ chapters include Food; Hauntings; Humor; Oddities, Quirks & Surprises. Color.




About the author:

Bruce Ford Stauderman has long admired England and the English. He first experienced that country while serving in the US Cavalry in World War II, and spent seven years there recently, as owner of a Tudor house built in 1360. He has been writing professionally for 50 years, first as a writer of dramatic programs for the radio and TV networks in New York, and then as a creative director for major advertising agencies, winning over 50 Clios and other creative awards. In a national poll of the advertising industry, Bruce was voted one of the Top 100 Creative People in the United States. He was also chosen to represent the United States on the International Jury of the Cannes Advertising Film Festival.
During his last stint in England, his many American guests plied him with numerous questions their guidebooks didn’t answer. Not all easy questions either, so, as a conscientious host, Bruce found himself forced into some rather intensive research. The result is a first-of-its-kind book for travelers and Anglophiles alike, with over 1,300 unusual, surprising and often amusing facts, details, photos and graphics in 44 chapters, each on a different subject about England and its people.



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